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How Vladimir Putin created a housing bubble

Jul 22 2024

Prices have risen by 172% in Russia’s biggest cities over the past three years
The rich world revolts against sky-high immigration

Jul 21 2024

Moderates want to limit numbers. Radicals want mass deportations. What will be the economic consequence?
Japan’s strength produces a weak yen

Jul 18 2024

Currency meddling will prove futile
At last, Wall Street has something to cheer

Jul 18 2024

Consumer banks, on the other hand, are starting to suffer
Americans are wrong to wish for an era of stable bipartisanship

Jul 18 2024

Even though political instability is an economic threat
Why investors have fallen in love with small American firms

Jul 18 2024

The Russell 2000 puts in a historic performance
YIMBY cities show how to build homes and contain rents

Jul 17 2024

But to take full advantage of deregulation, Austin and Auckland need other changes
Stocks are on an astonishing run. Yet threats lurk

Jul 16 2024

We assess what could bring the bull market to an end
China’s leaders face miserable economic-growth figures

Jul 15 2024

Reality intruded at the “third plenum”, intended to discuss long-term reforms
Xi Jinping really is unshakeably committed to the private sector

Jul 11 2024

He balances that with being unshakeably committed to state-owned enterprises, too