Christian Apologetics

The task of developing and sharing arguments for the truth and rationality of Christianity and the falsehood and irrationality of alternatives with the aim of strengthening the faith of believers and provoking non-believers to consider Christ.

John Piper: Ask Pastor John

Mar 24 2023

At every moment, God knows the thoughts and intentions of every human heart. Pastor John explores six vast implications of this foundational truth.

Mar 22 2023

The book of Romans interprets life — and it also transforms life. Pastor John shares how Romans has shaped him, from conversion to the pastorate.

Mar 20 2023

How can a Christian business leader speak about his success in a way that makes God, not him, look great?

Mar 17 2023

Is there really a difference between complaining about our problems and venting about them — or are we just kidding ourselves?

Mar 15 2023

What is the simplest, shortest definition of Christian Hedonism? Pastor John explains in two minutes why pursuing joy in God is essential to the Christian life.

Mar 13 2023

Women, Paul says, “will be saved through childbearing.” How does childbirth save women — and what about women who never have children of their own?

Mar 10 2023

Those who play the victim to their sexual lusts act like slaves, like dogs eating their vomit, like washed pigs rolling in mud. But in Christ, they don’t have to stay that way.

Mar 8 2023

Even if you remember only one sentence of a book, that one sentence can create an immeasurable moment, a flash of insight that shapes you forever.

Mar 6 2023

What might Scripture say to a woman who desperately wants to become a man? Pastor John offers six reasons why attempting to “de-gender” is a tragic act of sin.

Mar 3 2023

Are Christians who have the opportunity to vote obligated to do so — or can we abstain from the whole process for righteous reasons?