Christian Apologetics

The task of developing and sharing arguments for the truth and rationality of Christianity and the falsehood and irrationality of alternatives with the aim of strengthening the faith of believers and provoking non-believers to consider Christ.

John Piper: Ask Pastor John

Sep 30 2022

How can we see the glory of Christ? Renounce the praise of man. Devote yourself to Scripture. Turn to Christ through his word. Keep praying for sight.

Sep 28 2022

Why is the fear of man such a big problem? Because those who fear men cast their vote against the trustworthiness of God.

Sep 26 2022

How can Christians live fearlessly? Replace the fear of man with the fear of God. Fear man — live fearfully. Fear God — live fearlessly.

Sep 23 2022

Godly submission does not require that a woman do everything her husband says. Before she is a wife who submits to her husband, she is a Christian who submits to Christ.

Sep 21 2022

How do we know if we are able to bear the heavy calling of being the aroma of life to some and the aroma of death to others?

Sep 19 2022

Pastors who flaunt their riches will not draw anyone to the hope of the gospel. They will draw men and women to the hope of luxury.

Sep 16 2022

Men and women may face temptations peculiar to their sex, but we both share a deep, common depravity and a profound need for mercy.

Sep 14 2022

Hope in God clothes a woman with a beauty that will never fade, never perish, and never cease to be precious in God’s sight.

Sep 12 2022

How might we as parents teach our daughters, even at young ages, how to express their femininity without flaunting their body?

Sep 9 2022

God calls church members to submit to their pastors, wives to their husbands, employees to their bosses. But is there also a sense in which God calls us to submit to everyone?