Excerpt From The Shepherd of Hermas

said she; “for the thoughts of a righteous man should be righteous. For by thinking righteously his character is established in the heavens, and he has the Lord merciful to him in every business. But such as entertain wicked thoughts in their minds are bringing upon themselves death and captivity; and especially is this the case with those who set their affections on this world, and glory in their riches, and look not forward to the blessings of the life to come. For many will their regrets be; for they have no hope, but have despaired of themselves and their life. But do thou pray to God, and He will heal thy sins, and the sins of thy whole house, and of all the saints.”

The Economist: Economics Feed

Will America go from hunter to hunted in cross-border tax evasion?

Jul 22 2019

Finland targets taxpayers with hidden American accounts, in what could become a trend
Many think the European Central Bank will cut rates soon

Jul 20 2019

But for a significant stimulus, the bank will need to break self-imposed rules
The pound’s slide is about more than Brexit

Jul 20 2019

Worries about a trade war and the domestic economy play a role too
The future of insurance is happening without insurance firms

Jul 20 2019

The industry’s plodding giants face mounting threats from restless reinsurers and Big Tech
Housing microfinance can help poor people build better homes

Jul 18 2019

But it comes with high interest rates

The Economist: Science and Tech

Heatwaves are more dangerous in cities

Jul 21 2019

Pavement and plants can counter the urban heat-island effect
Alan Turing, a computing pioneer, will feature on Britain’s £50 notes

Jul 18 2019

And about time, too
Is it time to go back to the Moon?

Jul 18 2019

Probably, yes
Elon Musk wants to link brains directly to machines

Jul 18 2019

A device worn behind the ear might send your thoughts to your devices
A team of chemists are searching for a new red pigment

Jul 11 2019

Ten years ago they found the first new blue for two centuries